Thunder at Dawn by Jill Gregory

New Paperback

  • Category: Adult/Young Adult Books
  • SKU: 978-0-440-24178-2




TWO LONG-AGO LOVERS. ONE UNFORGETTABLE PASSION. Prosecutor Faith Barclay has made a successful career putting bad guys behind bars. But the work is starting to get to her. Haunted by the one misstep that set a stalker free, Faith escapes to her family s cabin in Thunder Creek, far from the big city and the recent menacing calls that have her spooked. When she arrives, she encounters another kind of danger: Zach McCallum, the sexy, wild-hearted cowboy who walked out on her ten years before. A SECOND CHANCE IN THE TOWN WHERE IT ALL BEGAN Zach will never forget those hot, lazy nights in Faith s arms he prayed would never end. Now the beautiful attorney is back in the Wyoming town where they first tasted passion, and this time Zach is determined not to let her get away. But someone else is watching over Faith, leaving threatening messages someone who has tracked Faith all the way to Thunder Creek. And as passion and danger ignite, it s up to Zach to protect the fiercely independent woman he never stopped loving no matter what the risk...."