The Scream Museum - Audio CD - by Paul indel

Used Audio CD - The Scream Museum by Paul Zindel Audiobook, Unabridged, 3 discs, 3.5 hours Library Edition - Young Adult/Teen

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When their friend Tom is accused of murdering the chief biologist at the Museum of Natural History, P.C. And Mackenzie discover a mystery involving a world-famous necklace, an anthropologist trained in hypnosis, and a fat hairy tarantula named Aristotle. From a Reader: "The late Paul Zindel, most famous for his Pulitzer Prize winning playwriting, ended up his very prolific writing career with this series of murder mysteries aimed at adolescent readers. THE SCREAM MUSEUM inaugurates the series, narrated by hot shot teen sleuth P.C. Hawke and his equally brainy sidekick McKenzie. In Book 1 the kids' friend Tom, a slow-witted custodian at the museum where P.C.'s dad works, is accused of murdering entom”