Swear to Howdy - Audio CD - by Wendelin Van Draanen

Used Audio CD - Swear to Howdy Audio CD – Unabridged, 2004 - 3 disc, 3 hours - Teen

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Joey Banks is a walking adventure. He’s funny, daring, mischievous—and frequently in trouble. Or he would be if anyone found out about half the stuff he’s done. But Rusty Cooper knows how to keep a secret. And Joey’s the best friend he’s ever had. But then comes a secret that is at once too terrible to tell and too terrible to keep. A secret so big it threatens to eat them alive. What would a true friend do now?

Wendelin Van Draanen has written her most compelling, richly layered book yet. It’s a thought-provoking look at the boundaries of friendship and what it really means to be true.