Night Star - Audio CD - by Alyson Noel (For Teens)

Used Audiobook - Night Star: The Immortals, Book 5 Audiobook – Unabridged - 7 disc, 8 hours and 39 minutes - Teen

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At the start of this anxiously awaited novel, Ever and Damen are still separated by the poison lingering in Damon's body. Their only hope of being together is the antidote that was spilled all over Jude's shirt when he killed their enemy Roman. Now Haven is in possession of the shirt-and she's out for revenge. Blinded by rage and grief, Haven-who blames Ever for killing Roman-could be Ever and Damen's deadliest enemy yet.

Now Ever is forced to make an impossible choice-allow Haven to destroy her and her dearest friends, or send her to the Shadowland, the abyss for lost souls.

*Discs are in protective sleves, and the cover is included, but not in a hard plastic case.